The world is huge and our lives are small. Trapped in our daily routines and duties, one gets very less time to really go out and see places and admire the beauty, culture and warmth that various destinations across the globe has to offer. However, travelling or globetrotting is an awesome experience that only travel lovers would realize. Travelling places brings along with it adventure, different people, different languages, different cuisines, different tastes of art and culture, different housing styles and much more!


  • ARTS AND CULTURE- travelling would have very less meaning if one cannot soak up the culture of the place. Every place has its history, its culture, its story and when you visit that place, you learn loads of things about their arts and culture. It is in art, that the true spirit of a place gets revealed. Going around museums or tombs, palaces and churches, monasteries and local inns, art galleries or even the architecture of the houses in the place- every place is a reflection of the art, the culture and the lifestyle of the place.
  • ADVENTURE- the holiday will not be memorable if there isn’t any adventure coming your way! Adventure sports such as paragliding or rock climbing or scuba diving provide a complete break from the monotony of our daily lives. Make sure your travel destination has at least one element of adventure. Be it camping in the woods or river rafting, steering a hot air balloon or sky diving, the adrenaline rush experienced makes the trip memorable.
  • TRANSPORTATION- you cannot walk the world, hence you must ride! But ride what? Reaching the destination is just not the end of your transportation memories. Travelling gives you exposure to commuting on a variety of stuff. Choppers to aeroplanes, trains of all sorts- bullet trains, metro rails, subways, mono rails, joyous bus rides, peaceful boat rides, tram rides or sky high ropeway rides, open air bus rides and last but not the least epic elephant or camel rides!
  • FOOD- Visit a palace and relish in the gastronomic delight it offers! It is through food that one almost gets a ‘taste’ of the culture of the place. Food and drinks become an inevitable part of experimenting on a holiday. Trying out different cuisines, different drinks, salads, meats, oven cooked or clay pot cooked, roasted or flame dried, or even going raw- there is so much to experiment.
  • FAMILY TIME- if you are travelling with your family, spending some quality family time is crucial to keep one rejuvenated till the next holiday. So there needs to be entertainment for all. From the elder ones to the kids, the travel destination should pack in something for everyone. Be it a visit to the wildlife sanctuary or a beach resort or an amusement park trip or some fun adventure sports with the kids or a simple evening boat ride with your partner. Choose your destinations well!

So, go ahead travel around the world and soak in every bit of what your eyes see to create memories for a lifetime!

Remodelling My Kitchen

Standing in my kitchen and looking around I realize I do not like my kitchen any longer.

It’s so old fashioned, boring and totally not me.

I want my kitchen to look like one in a magazine.


It’s all about money

Remodeling a kitchen can be quite expensive. And being a single mum, I’m on a tight budget. So where to begin?

My wish list:


  • new cabinets
  • new worktop
  • new door handles
  • new accessories
  • new tiles


I do not just want a new look, I want a whole new kitchen!

But those huge expenses are definitely a no go for me. I have way to much wishes for my thigh budget.

Lets see how I can cut back on costs and still end up with a kitchen I love.


Remodeling with a limited budget

Working out a new strategy I decide to paint my cabinets, that will keep costs low.

I’ve chosen a warm white color since my kitchen is rather dark. This color will brighten up the whole space. And give me just the look I want for my kitchen. And it also fits perfectly with the worktop I’m stuck with because I can’t afford to replace it.


For new accessories I can look in second hand shops, or shop for stuff that’s on sale.

The bargain hunt will be fun.


Are you remodeling your kitchen? Here are some tips for your wish list:


  • write measurements down
  • make sure you have color samples with you
  • write down the exact number of certain items you want/need


With my shopping list in my purseand all the measurements written down I’m always ready to find the perfect items.

It might take a few weeks before I have collected everything I need, but that, for me, is part of the fun.

Remodeling a kitchen on a thigh budget is not an overnight job.



Adding color

In some cases a new and totally remodeled kitchen is not even necessary.

You also can make your kitchen look brand new just by adding a new color.

For example:


  • Buy some new, fresh herbs, put them in colorful flowerpots
  • Add a bowl of fresh fruit
  • Tins with spices in different colors and sizes might give an eye-catching touch to your old kitchen and give just the reviving touch you need, to fall in love with your kitchen again.
  • And what to think of jars filled with pasta in all colors and shapes or bottles with vinegar and olive oil. They come in all sizes, colors and shapes.


Don’t forget the lights

When remodeling also take look at lightning. Changing lightbulbs will give a whole new atmosphere. Ever thought of using bulbs with a different coating?

Or change the color temperature? It might change the look of you kitchen dramatically. I used a free online lightning plan to help me figure out the perfect lighting for my kitchen. And it’s so much fun to do.

It was the cherry on the cake.

For more info about kitchen remodelling go to http://kitchenhq.net/

This site has some great info on kitchen and food related topics.



Give Your Kitchen The Look!

When we utter the word kitchen, the first image that comes to us is a place at our homes or in a restaurant, where the food is prepared. But, have we ever imagined that the kitchen in our house holds or in the restaurants are much more than just a cooking area? The kitchen is where the food is conceived, a place where the raw materials undergo drastic transformations and over all a storage space. Today the kitchen is no longer just another space with basic essentials and a boring cooking top. It is about aesthetics, about the story you would like your kitchen to tell and above all functionality. Kitchen designs are plenty and people around the world are doing up their kitchens in various themes. Not only households, even restaurants have aligned the look and feel of their kitchens to uphold their brand image and to reinforce the kind of offering they have.


  • The kitchen need not always be a separate room or space. Nowadays, more and more households are game for the idea of the kitchen being an extended part of the dining room or the living area. This makes the area in the house more warm and lively, as you can chat with your mother while she makes your favourite dish or one can watch television while cooking! It gives a very homely feeling, to have the entire space integrated into one.
  • If you are not in for giving a very steely corporate look or a woody look to your kitchen, you could go all feminine! Pristine whites and pinks and beiges dominating the colour palette of this kitchen, complementing the chinaware and the floral print tiles and tops. The look would be best when it is completed with lace table cloths, floral curtains and table mats, floral tableware and cutlery and dim feminine lighting to enjoy the lovely food that you would rustle up!
  • For newly married couples or people having space constraints, small kitchens can actually punch in a lot of functionality. Wall mounted cabinets and racks, help save a lot of space and clutter, leaving space only for the cooking top and dishwashing space. This would not require anything but just a single wall face.
  • One can choose bold colours, warm colours, unique art and installations, themes inspired by global culture and traditions. The combination of one or more factors can result in amazing looks. For example, if one wants a vintage looking kitchen with the colour base red or black. So basically people are customising based on a number of factors. If you would like to go for colour based options, there are plenty. A blue coastal kitchen to add that serene look or a green and yellow country kitchen to give that vibrant summery feel. A green and brown art kitchen giving a look right out of a house in the woods! Going for a Mediterranean kitchen theme would add loads of green blue elements giving the peaceful and serene look of the place.

So go ahead and give the ultimate look to your kitchen to make your cooking more fun!

Keep a Healthy Lifestyle for 50+

With people getting older and living longer due to beter healthcare, society is rapidly changing. Becoming a retiree at the age of 60 is not a regular thing anymore, lots of people even work on far beyond the age of 65.

How to get those old bones up every day and live a healthy life to live even longer?

  • Keep your life as interesting as possible
  • Do regular exercises
  • Watch what you eat

It starts when you are young

Being a healthy oldie starts with eating healthy at a young age.

You might not think about your old days when you are young, starting your grown-up live and having lots of fun out there, but you might consider living a healthy live and talking care of your future.


  • eat lots of vegetables
  • eat lots of fruit
  • eat lots of organic food


  • use processed food
  • use refined food

So: less fastfood and lots of freshly prepared slow food.

And remember: also less stress will keep you healthy longer.

But I’m over 50 already, am I beyond hope?

No way, with fifty considered to be the new 40, you are not beyond hope!

Here are some healthy food tips for people being 50+:

  • avoid saturated fats and trans fats as much as you can.
  • eat more healthy fats like olive oils, nuts, seeds and fish
  • don’t over eat yourself, make sure you use the calories you eat and match your food with your activities
  • eat lost of antioxidant fruits and vegetables (see list below for examples)
  • drink plenty of water each day
  • use less salt
  • use less sugar of cut back on sugar at all
  • make sure you eat enough low fat diary products for calcium, to strengthen your bones

Antioxidants fruit:

Which fruits are the most powerful? Food researchers came up with these fruits to be the most powerful antioxidants: 

  • red grapes
  • cherries
  • raisins
  • plums
  • prunes
  • oranges
  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • blackberries

Antioxidant vegetables

Examples of powerful antioxidant vegetables are:

  • kale
  • spinach
  • corn
  • Brussels sprouts
  • red bell pepers
  • alfafa sprouts
  • broccoli flowers
  • beets
  • onions
  • eggplant

Super foods

If you consider eating super foods to keep yourself healthy, you can eat lots of:

  • watercress

Watercress contains vitamin A, C, as well as vitamin K and calcium

  • parsley

Parsley is loaded with vitamins A, C, K, and also iron, calcium, protein and potassium

  • endive

It contains loads of B vitamins, vitamins C and K, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and folate.

  • red peper

Red pepper is high in vitamins C and A


  • pumpkin

Fresh pumpkin, is filled with vitamins A, C, B, and E and potassium


Just another note on these super foods: they are all low on calories as well.


Long story short:

Advertisement might tempt you to make it easy for yourself by using microwave meals, breakfast cereals, orange juice without any fibers and easy take away meals.

To stay health you need to eat healthy: Adjust your grocery shopping list to obtain a healthy lifestyle.








Love for good food is known as one of the most honest forms of love, and foodies around the world would definitely know what it means! As we grow up in our lives, the food that we intake practically reflects our life’s journey. From our toddler days, where we have only milk and soluble stuff, not much to munch on to the days when we actually start cooking for ourselves, leading independent lives. The food story comes a long way. However great food can only be enjoyed with good company and an awesome ambience. The service, the look, the aroma, the taste, the ambience and the company of friends or family are critical factors to enjoying a sumptuous meal.


  • AGE: with age it is important to focus on one’s food habits. A better diet basically leads to a better life as we age. A person’s nutritional needs change as he or she grows up, so inevitably, the food and its composition must also change. In fact even timings matter! People generally get extremely busy during their 20s and 30s, drastic changes in college schedules, first job and its pressures, bring about a sudden change in lifestyle. It is during this time, one tends to skip meals, eat unhealthy sugar rich foods and resort to binging on junk food. However busy one might be, never forget to include a healthy proportion of calcium, fibre, folic acid in your diet. As you transit to your 40s, the food must include a lot of antioxidants and iron. This helps prevent onset of heart ailments at this age. As a person crosses 50s and moves into the 60s, fat reduction in the food, or more so, incorporating healthy fat and loading up the vitamins on the platter is the key to a healthy happy and tasty life!


  • LOCATION: every corner of the world has a host of cuisines to offer to pamper our taste buds. Be it American cuisine or Italian. The spicy Indian cuisine or the exotic Mexican. Chinese cuisine or European. Every place has its own taste to offer. The food tells the story of the place, the food reflects a place’s history, tradition and pride.


  • SEASON:since we are spoilt for choice when it comes to food, our taste buds change with the seasons as well. While the summers call for fresh fruits and cool juices to soothe the body temperature, warm soups and loads of coffee rule the winters. Spring calls for light yet filling foods to fuel up one’s body. The monsoons on the other hand, call for a blend of spicy and tangy mouth watering dishes. A perfect combination to romance the rains.


  • LIFESTYLE:In terms of dietary habits the world has seen a lot of transitions and varieties. Be it junk or healthy, non-oily or fibre rich or even the growing trend of opting for organically grown fruits and vegetables, again the food itself reflects a person’s change in lifestyle.


So the secret of the food story is to add the perfect spice of health at the perfect time in life!